Thoughts on Social Media

Social media has grown so substantially in the past 10 years, it is unbelievable.  Outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress have truly revolutionized our world.  The question is whether  this revolution has been for the better or the worse.

Today we see people treat blackberry’s and smartphones as if it was there first-born child,  this dependency can not be healthy.  Although social media has a place in today’s society,  it is being abused by quite an extraordinary number of people.  The number of hours that teenagers and adults a like spend on social media is preposterous when they could be accomplishing something remotely productive or creative.

There is a very thin line when it comes to the world of social media, and it is not unusual for someone to take an opportunity to network themselves and turn it into a mockery of useless information and unsubstantiated opinions.  Many a time, I’ve seen an individual go from producing a thoughtful, autonomous piece of work to creating a poorly constructed and rather lousy product.

In conclusion, I believe social media is a very powerful tool but like all powerful tools must be used responsibly.  Moderation is key and as long as there is purpose to the social expression it is a great thing to have at your disposal.  It is when people begin exploiting these engines that it becomes a problem.  Nobody wants to read verbal diarrhea.

3 responses to “Thoughts on Social Media

  1. You really knocked this one out of the park, man. Congratulations on a good piece, you’ve got talent. Verbal diarrhea, sounds like something Stephen Harper caught years ago.

  2. Thanks Sean, I appreciate the positive feedback!

  3. A very well-considered post, Christian. You bring up an excellent point – social media tools are powerful and, if not used properly, can cause some real damage. Part of the purpose of this project it to arm each of you with the skills and knowledge to use this space wisely.

    What are your suggestions for helping young people create a sense of balance between their time engaging on social media and the rest of their lives?

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