Outlaw Radio – A Twitter Review

Outlaw Radio is a media outlet with the sole function of playing legitimate underground roots, rockabilly, bluegrass, blues, and folk music.  It is based out of Chicago, Illinois.  They pride themselves on their ability to provide news, opinions, concert and album reviews, artist profiles, and music history. It also includes a few segments bashing the state of pop-country.  Their Twitter account is a loose imitation of their web domain, but it offers a social medium that their website does not.  It is a very effective tool for staying in touch with the community and individuals abroad.

The station has a strong understanding of the benefits social media sites.  Outlaw Radio is extremely keen on the networking capabilities of Twitter.  They also keep in contact with musicians, producers, and other big names involved in their field.  They are also very invested in the promotion of local events in the Chicago area via Twitter.  The concert and album information on their Twitter account is extremely short.  This is due to the 140 character limit on posts.  Although it is still effective in generating exposure where there otherwise would be none.

Overall, Outlaw Radio is a company that vividly grasps the concept of the DIY promotion style that Twitter grants.  They have a strong following in their community and have built it by themselves from the ground up.  Being only four years old, it is incredibly how prosperous this station has been.  It is fairly safe to say that without social mediums like Twitter, this growth would not have been nearly as abundant.

Follow Outlaw Radio Chicago on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/OutlawRadioChi

3 responses to “Outlaw Radio – A Twitter Review

  1. DIY ethic, good blog!

    Christian, at last you’re on your own!

  2. This is really good! You most definitely got better grade than I did on this assignment. Outlaw Radio should be proud.

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