Mission Statement

It is my mission to find an occupation with an element of creative freedom.  Idealistically, I would like to be an audio engineer for a film production company in the Southern United States.  I want to utilize both my hands and my mind.  Also, I would like contribute to the exposure of American Roots music in some way.

Vision Statement

To accomplish my mission, I first need to further my studies in the feild of media.  Social networks like WordPress and Linkedin  allow me to share my portfolio with people all over the globe, which could potentially lead to future employment.


Integrity – The personality trait which I value most is integrity.  When an individual has moral and ethical principals, they attain a number of other positive traits in the process.  Stick to your guns folks.

Compassion – Compassion is very important to me.  Kindness and acceptance are both included in this one.  It direct an individual on the path to empathy, which is important in all aspects of life.

Work Ethic – Another value I truly praise is a strong work ethic.  Hardwork and diligence in a individual will lead them to progress in whatever feild they are in.  Also, being reliable, having initiative, and pursuing new skills is much easier said than done.  The people who succeed in this deserve respect.

Honesty – This one speaks for itself.

Motivation – I picked this value because it the personality trait that I adore most, but have the toughest time producing.  Getting on the grind, and getting things done is usually the toughest part of a project for me.  The brainstorming and ideas come relatively easy, but putting these ideas into practice is definitely a struggle some days.


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