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Jakyll and Hyde – Flickr Gallery

The photos in this gallery range from fiction film characters like Travis Bickle and Walter White to musicians like Scott H. Biram. The people and characters in this gallery’s actions behavior or opinions have impacted in me some way. Whether this impact has been positive or negative is another story entirely.

There is a stern variety of content in this gallery. It is in no way, shape or form suppose to linear. However, if a theme for the gallery was to be chosen, I personally believe it would be strongly based on chaos and leisure.  The gallery’s pictures are either chalk full of disorder and chaos, or they are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. At this end we find the individuals and characters calm and relaxed. This speaks to the duality of man.

Overall, I don’t really think this gallery will have much meaning or impact on people other then myself. It’s a series of loosely related pictures of which a majority people will not be able to identify with. Its a lot easier to sift through if you keep the Jakyll and Hyde dynamic in mind though.

Here is the link to a gallery about few people who have influenced me over my life: http://www.flickr.com/photos/christiancantarutti/galleries/72157629731515125/#photo_2159926524


Outlaw Radio – A Twitter Review

Outlaw Radio is a media outlet with the sole function of playing legitimate underground roots, rockabilly, bluegrass, blues, and folk music.  It is based out of Chicago, Illinois.  They pride themselves on their ability to provide news, opinions, concert and album reviews, artist profiles, and music history. It also includes a few segments bashing the state of pop-country.  Their Twitter account is a loose imitation of their web domain, but it offers a social medium that their website does not.  It is a very effective tool for staying in touch with the community and individuals abroad.

The station has a strong understanding of the benefits social media sites.  Outlaw Radio is extremely keen on the networking capabilities of Twitter.  They also keep in contact with musicians, producers, and other big names involved in their field.  They are also very invested in the promotion of local events in the Chicago area via Twitter.  The concert and album information on their Twitter account is extremely short.  This is due to the 140 character limit on posts.  Although it is still effective in generating exposure where there otherwise would be none.

Overall, Outlaw Radio is a company that vividly grasps the concept of the DIY promotion style that Twitter grants.  They have a strong following in their community and have built it by themselves from the ground up.  Being only four years old, it is incredibly how prosperous this station has been.  It is fairly safe to say that without social mediums like Twitter, this growth would not have been nearly as abundant.

Follow Outlaw Radio Chicago on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/OutlawRadioChi

Deep Blues Blog

The Deep Blues blog is a web domain dedicated to the preservation of the blues tradition and generating exposure for new blues acts.  It features varying content  from late blues legends, new-found acts with a small fan base, and includes articles involving things going on in the blues community .  The blog strives to help sustain the withering American blues tradition without compromising or straying from the unpasteurized integrity that the genre was founded on.  Whether or not it does this effectively is another story.

The blog itself has a bare bones and raw aesthetic, and the structure of the site on a whole could be reorganized to create more harmony between the posts and sidebars.  There is also a sidebar with hundreds of different musical acts and related blues topics that adds to the chaos and makes things appear even more unkept.

When the author of the blog does chose to write, it is informative, structured, and seemingly poetic.  Although a number of blog entries on the Deep Blues domain have absolutely no text, only a series of embedded video.  This is problematic because they are embedded on the site via Youtube, so the video description by the orignal uploader also doesn’t appear.  This causes people to not even bother clicking on the footage posted because they are clueless to what they are about to watch.

That being said, the content of the blog, regardless of the lack of text, is superb.  It features several rare videos containing legends like R.L Burnside and Junior Kimbrough, two superstars in the deep blues community.  Posted on their homepage about half way down is a series of 10 or more videos with the two blues giants playing together.

The blog incorporates videos of a painter/musician who is heavily influenced by Delta music.  He is known for playing guitar, and creatively painting both musical instruments and canvas.  This article was very informative and explanatory.  It also publicized a series of his canvass painting and graphic designs on the web page aswell.

Overall I think the Deep Blues blog is more than due for an overhaul.  Its crowded and chaotic and lacking in written text.  The video content they do have is quite enthralling  but with no description, they are passable at best.  If you can get past the late nineties graphic web design and are an American blues fan; this website might be your cup of tea; however, my opinion is that most people would respectively surf right on by this blog.