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Thoughts on Social Media (Revisited)

Over the past four months social media has become a substantial part of my life. I have spent countless hours browsing, researching and writing about countless different social mediums. Generally, I received the different mediums well but I found some a little tedious. I genuinely believe platforms like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter generate great opportunities. However, I personally think some mediums like Foursquare and Flickr are monotonous.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think social media, social expression and having a social outlet via the web are positive things. I just think some mediums do these things a lot more effectively than others. Flickr is great for photographers and people interested in browsing pictures and categorizing them. For people outside that specific niche though, it is pretty useless. Foursquare is good for showing your friends where you are, finding friends and stalking people. I might be old school, but I think that’s kind of scary.

All these mediums allow both independent business’s and large corporations to connect with there costumer base, which is generally seen as a good thing. They allow regular people to connect with their friends, family and colleagues. They give opportunities for people with similar interests to make connections. However the different levels of effectiveness in these mediums is overt. Facebook added a Foursquare type application inside of it called places and has millions more photos than Flickr. The general usefulness of Facebook or Linkedin in comparison to Flickr and Foursquare is not even debatable.


Personal Branding

The timeless concept of personal branding describes how we market ourselves to the world around us.  Branding is becoming increasingly important to maintain relevance in the fast paced world of social media and business today.  It allows a person to market themselves to a specific demographic, provides a means of expression, and offers a medium to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

This year alone, each of us will be barraged with approximately 3300 emails.  Even more astounding, is that by the time a child reaches legal status today, they will have watched and listened to well over one million commercials.  With this disturbing lack of time, comes an increased importance in the process of personal branding.  Today individuals and businesses must lure in their demographics with creative, intriguing, and engaging material and productions.  Otherwise they will simply move onto something more attractive to their interests.

Each individual, business, and institution has its own personal brand and it follows us wherever we go.  Within five seconds of meeting someone, their opinion has changed about us eleven times.  This means that the future of our encounter could be sealed before even speaking a word.  Everything from the clothes we wear, to our body language, to the way we interact with other people is influencing our personal brand.  It is a collection of other people’s impressions of us.  This means that how we market ourselves, is far more significant than our own opinion, product, service, price, and intelligence.  However, these obviously play a role in the overall branding process.

When it comes to my own personal brand; it is incredibly difficult to illustrate.  Thinking of myself as a commodity rather than a human being makes my stomach turn.  That being said, I think my brand is subconsciously marketed to laid back, mellow, and honest people.  My blog tries to educate on American Delta blues music and it reviews social media outlets.  The blog prides itself on personal honesty, regardless of whether that honesty is politically correct, or socially acceptable.  With so much processed bubblegum bullshit in today’s world, the ‘Media, Melody and Man’ blog is a place for people to find refuge.

At the end of the day, people will purchase our ideas and personality, long before they`ll buy our merchandise or services.  Personal branding allows people and companies alike to make an emotional connection with their target audience.  With the networking capabilities offered in today’s society, it is now possible for small personal companies and multinational corporations alike to engage and reach out to their audience in dozens of unique fashions.    This recent metamorphosis has truly revolutionized the world of personal branding.