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Thoughts on Social Media (Revisited)

Over the past four months social media has become a substantial part of my life. I have spent countless hours browsing, researching and writing about countless different social mediums. Generally, I received the different mediums well but I found some a little tedious. I genuinely believe platforms like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter generate great opportunities. However, I personally think some mediums like Foursquare and Flickr are monotonous.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think social media, social expression and having a social outlet via the web are positive things. I just think some mediums do these things a lot more effectively than others. Flickr is great for photographers and people interested in browsing pictures and categorizing them. For people outside that specific niche though, it is pretty useless. Foursquare is good for showing your friends where you are, finding friends and stalking people. I might be old school, but I think that’s kind of scary.

All these mediums allow both independent business’s and large corporations to connect with there costumer base, which is generally seen as a good thing. They allow regular people to connect with their friends, family and colleagues. They give opportunities for people with similar interests to make connections. However the different levels of effectiveness in these mediums is overt. Facebook added a Foursquare type application inside of it called places and has millions more photos than Flickr. The general usefulness of Facebook or Linkedin in comparison to Flickr and Foursquare is not even debatable.


Don’t think twice, it’s alright?

Managing ones online reputation can be a daunting task. Going out with colleagues, having a bit too much to drink, or having an opinion someone doesn’t agree with can now destroy an entire career, and/or degrade everything a person has ever worked to accomplish. Censorship and self-regulation is a strong part of any individual’s or business’s daily routine in our society of political correctness. If these entities expect to be successful, they must remain neutral and indifferent while using social networks and other mediums. Due to the potential backlash surrounding social media, it is completely understandable why people and companies alike are frightened of a negative online reputation.

The story of someone’s life being flipped upside down for the worse because of a poor decision on Facebook or Twitter has been told a thousand times. A person writes a contemptuous message about their job online, only to find that they have no job the next day because their employer has read the message. It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to recognize the content you are posting, and the intended and unintended effect it may have on your peers. The age of an anonymous internet is dead and what you post and write online follows you forever.

That being said, the obsession with reputation today is seen by some as a human fault. This paranoia by masses of people over how they are perceived by others can be incredibly destructive to the ego of any individual. Investing a great deal of thought and time into a project or opinion, and then having your audience or consumers reject it can destroy a person’s sense of self. This is especially true in the world today where one’s reputation can be can be lost without deserving, simply manufactured and often goes without merit.

Reputation management has been a part of society since the dawn of civilization. Whether it is right or wrong, people will judge you based on every single decision and action you make in life and there is no getting away from it, not even online. Opportunities can be squandered because of a foolish decision on the web. All in all, it can be said that people will get a more realistic and sincere online experience when people think twice about what they say.  Maybe Bob Dylan was wrong on this one folks.

Outlaw Radio – A Twitter Review

Outlaw Radio is a media outlet with the sole function of playing legitimate underground roots, rockabilly, bluegrass, blues, and folk music.  It is based out of Chicago, Illinois.  They pride themselves on their ability to provide news, opinions, concert and album reviews, artist profiles, and music history. It also includes a few segments bashing the state of pop-country.  Their Twitter account is a loose imitation of their web domain, but it offers a social medium that their website does not.  It is a very effective tool for staying in touch with the community and individuals abroad.

The station has a strong understanding of the benefits social media sites.  Outlaw Radio is extremely keen on the networking capabilities of Twitter.  They also keep in contact with musicians, producers, and other big names involved in their field.  They are also very invested in the promotion of local events in the Chicago area via Twitter.  The concert and album information on their Twitter account is extremely short.  This is due to the 140 character limit on posts.  Although it is still effective in generating exposure where there otherwise would be none.

Overall, Outlaw Radio is a company that vividly grasps the concept of the DIY promotion style that Twitter grants.  They have a strong following in their community and have built it by themselves from the ground up.  Being only four years old, it is incredibly how prosperous this station has been.  It is fairly safe to say that without social mediums like Twitter, this growth would not have been nearly as abundant.

Follow Outlaw Radio Chicago on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/OutlawRadioChi